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4 Ways to Frame a Signed Kobe Bryant Jersey

A little over a year ago we decided to make a video on how we framed a Kobe Bryant jersey along with a large Los Angeles Lakers patch, which we uploaded to YouTube, and suddenly things got really crazy, in a good way.

What happened?

We started getting emails, that read something like this “I just watched your video and love your work and would like to have you frame a jersey for me…

Since then we have been getting jerseys shipped to us almost every day from around the United States and two months ago, we received and shipped our first jersey from outside the country, namely Switzerland.


If you really think about it, every year has a theme in our lives, for us, 2017 has been the year of Framing Jerseys.

What a year this has been for our small business, and I feel we are just getting started.

We can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for us.

Having said that, the one professional player’s jersey that we frame the most is Kobe Bryant, perhaps it’s because of the video we uploaded or the fact that he has the most faithful following, who knows, but Kobe’s jerseys are by far what we frame the most.

In this blog post I want to highlight 4 of our favorite Kobe Bryant jerseys that we have framed, and describe each style for those people who may have similar jerseys and are looking for framing ideas.

So without further ado, here are 4 ways to Frame a signed Kobe Bryant Jersey:

#1 Framing a Signed Kobe Bryant Jersey with a Large Los Angeles Lakers Patch

This is the Kobe Bryant jersey we framed in the video I mentioned above. I remember this customer came in to our shop looking for something special and unique for his Kobe Bryant signed jersey, that his girlfriend got him for his birthday.

He also brought in this large patch which he found online.

We decided on the colors we would use, purple suede on top with a yellow trim, museum glass and our jersey black moulding, and off we went.

Framing a Signed Kobe Bryant Lakers Jersey

Framing a Signed Kobe Bryant Lakers Jersey with purple suede matting with a yellow accent, museum glass, black frame and a large patch.

After many hours of work, we finished it and we were really happy with how it turned out. You can see the finished product below.

This format has become very popular with our customers and we have worked on a good number of jerseys similar to this one.

This style works especially well when the autograph is on the back of the jersey, where there’s little to no team branding. The large patch not only adds team branding to the framed jersey, but it also brings a level of elegance to the finished product.

#2 Framing a Signed Kobe Bryant Jersey with Retirement Letter and Black Mamba logos

Here’s the second Kobe Bryant jersey we framed.

After fans started seeing the framed Kobe Bryant jersey with a large patch, we started getting inquiries from customers, who had various design ideas for their own jerseys.

Here’s an email I received “Hi there – I saw the video you posted on that Kobe Jersey framing. I also have an authentic signed Kobe jersey to get framed. I wanted to get my jersey framed along with the letter Kobe wrote to his fans that was given away on his last game.

After he checked out other places, he selected us and sent us the jersey and the letter, as you can see here:

Signed Kobe Bryant Jersey with Retirement letter for Framing

Instead of our purple suede he decided to mount the jersey on black suede and asked if I could cutout Kobe’s black mamba logos at the top right and left of the jersey.

Absolutely I quickly replied.

The goal with framing this signed Kobe Bryant jersey along with the retirement letter Kobe wrote to his fans, was to keep it clean and classy.

As you can see below, the Jersey is suspended in the center of the frame with a slight half-oval shape at the bottom.

I designed and cut-out Kobe’s black mamba logo left and right and used a gold background that matches exactly the gold print in the letter.

The letter is fully exposed and floated at the bottom of the jersey. Finally the glass is museum-quality for absolutely no glare.

Here’s how it turned out and the customer couldn’t be happier:

A few weeks later, the customer sent me this photo of his framed jersey up on his snakeskin vinyl wall.

It looks incredible!

#3 Framing a Signed Kobe Bryant Jersey with two small patches, COA and Metal Plaque

The third Kobe Bryant Jersey we framed came from a lady who wanted to do something special for her husband’s birthday, which was coming up in a few weeks. She had seen a couple of videos of our previous Kobe jerseys and was opened to ideas for her jersey.

Her only requirement was to include the Panini certificate of authenticity (COA) and a metal plaque with one of Kobe’s quotes.

I recommended that we used eBay to find a couple of small Lakers patches that we could incorporate at the top left and right of the frame and she agreed.

She really liked the purple suede with a yellow accent for the matting and off we went to begin the design process.

Kobe Bryant Jersey for Framing with Two small patches

I really like how small patches on each side of the sleeves look when framing basketball jerseys. I always like the trace the outline of the patches and create a nice silhouette cut on the mat. A nice touch is to use our basketball texture matting as the background for the patch, as you can see here:

After we finished creating the metal plaque engraving, we did some fine-tuning of the mat to accommodate the plaque and the certificate of authenticity and here’s the finished product:

#4 Framing a Signed Kobe Bryant Jersey with 33,643 point inscription, black mamba logos and Lakers Metal Print

Number 4 came from a customer who sent me this email:

I recently came into one the the limited edition Kobe jerseys for his 30000 points could you send me some ideas I want something unique that involves his logo and possible a lakers one too if it can be appealing.”

It’s mind-boggling to realize that Kobe Bryant scored 33,643 points in his career, that is an amazing achievement. wow.

After exchanging emails with this customer his vision was to create something unique that would be sort of combination of jersey #2 above with the black mamba logos cut into the mat and jersey #1 with the large patch. Here’s the jersey he sent me after we settled on using the purple suede and a yellow accent when cutting the mamba logos:

This was by far one of the nicest jerseys we have worked on, the fabric was impeccable. We made the necessary adjustments to the previous black mamba logos that we had designed in order to include a yellow accent around them. Here’s how the logos turned out:

Here’s the finished product with the black mamba logos a metal print of the “L” Lakers logo, purple suede and museum glass:

In closing, I’d like to thank you for visiting our site and I hope you like our work.

If you have a chance, please share this post with your friends and comment which is your favorite style. Thank you in advance and stay tuned for more similar posts.

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