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Framing a Limited Edition Tony Gwynn Baseball Pennant using a Triangular Frame

Framing a Baseball Tony Gwynn Pennant

Before: Framing a triangular Baseball Tony Gwynn Pennant

One of our customers, who is an avid fan of Tony Gwynn, brought us a limited edition sports memorabilia (6 of 300) Tony Gwynn pennant for us to custom frame. When he came in, he said I have a good challenge for you, and I thought how difficult can it be, mount this triangular-shaped Pennant on a rectangular mat and frame it using a normal frame, right? Wrong.

Challenge: To create a triangular-shaped frame

The customer actually wanted us to create a triangular frame that would follow the same shape of the pennant. Yikes. Most framed pennants we have done and others we have seen online have been framed using a traditional rectangular frame.

Most framed pennants we have done and others, that we have seen online have been framed using traditional rectangular frames. The biggest problem with making triangular-shaped frames is figuring out the right angle and the length of each piece of moulding. Also, this isn’t a perfect triangle, where each corner is exactly 30 degrees.

Nevertheless, we dusted off our Dewalt miter saw and after trying different angles and wasting a couple of long sticks of moulding, we got it just right.

Dark blue mat and acrylic for the glazing

Cutting the dark blue mat wasn’t too bad since we have our computerized mat cutting machine and for the glazing, we decided to go with UV-protected acrylic vs. glass because it’s much easier to cut acrylic manually. The whole thing was definitely a challenge but we are very happy with how it turned out.

Framing a Baseball Tony Gwynn Pennant

After: Framing a Baseball Tony Gwynn Pennant

Thoughts from the Customer

We called the customer and he was very excited to see it done. He and his wife came in and loved it. Unusual projects like these is what keeps us sharp and gets us out of our comfort zone and we love them. I ask them for a photo of them holding the frame and here it is:

Final Thoughts from the Customer

Customer picking up their triangular-shaped frame pennant

Please let us know your thoughts on how this triangular-shaped Pennant turned out and if you are interested in having us frame something similar, please send us an email at or call us at 619-651-8295. Thank you!

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