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About Us


We are a team of Artisans and Designers, passionate about how things are made. We love working with people who appreciate excellence in craftsmanship. Our framing style is unique and every custom framing project is one-of-a-kind. When you work with us, our promise is to treat you and your Art with the utmost respect, care and attention to detail. We guarantee our work one hundred percent!

When you come to our store, our goal is to offer you the best in the world, the best product, the highest quality frames, the best acid-free mats, the clearest glass and the utmost care and attention to detail.

The Magic of Custom Framing

If there’s one word that describes what we do every day, it has to be transformation, that’s what custom framing is all about, it’s about transforming anything that means something to you, into a masterpiece that you can be proud of.

The magic of custom framing is about transforming a rolled-up painting, or a wrinkled signed jersey, or a photo of your family into a masterpiece and that’s what we do, one step at a time:


Custom Framing starts with the story of the art piece. We also ask the customer to tells us about the meaning of the piece, where they got it and the emotional meaning. We often find just the right framing style by listening to the story. It’s here when we start making matting and framing recommendations.


After the design phase, we get to work ordering the materials and selecting the proper mounting methods of the art piece. Depending on the size of the art, we either order 32″x40″ mat boards, or 40″x60″ for larger pieces. As for the frame moulding, they usually come in 9′ – 10′ sticks that we cut to size.


Cutting everything to size, one piece at a time is what ‘custom’ is all about and we love this part of our craft. As illustrated here, we use this very high-end, dangerous and expensive miter saw to cut every frame corner piece to size.


Here are the four moulding pieces that make up the frame for this piece, ready to be joined together.


This is another tool of the trade, this one is called the joiner, or the underpinner, and it helps us do just that, join all four pieces into a custom frame of any size.


Next stop is cutting the glass or acrylic to the right size of the art, which is another very important piece of the puzzle.


And voila, here’s the final product with all the pieces together. This is when we take a moment to enjoy the masterpiece and call the customer to let her know it’s ready and that we can’t wait for her to come in and see how it turned out.


Whenever possible to do a framing unveiling where we cover the framed piece and uncover it when the customer comes into our store. To see the excitement and emotions in the customer’s face that make what we do worth it. On to the next masterpiece.

What can we transform for you?

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