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What are Floater Frames? Advantages over traditional Picture Frames [Video]

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We love Custom Framing and home decor in general, and our mission through this blog is to inspire you with the work we do for our customers, in order for you to love the Art in your own life!

Every day we have the great fortune of working on all types of projects that our customers bring to our store. Whenever possible we will reach out for our video camera and record the process, especially when there’s a good tip that our customers can use.

This week a customer brought us two Gallery Wrapped Canvas art pieces by Raymond Swanland that he bought in Disneyland. You can see them here:

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Floater Frames vs. Traditional Picture Frames

Traditional frames have a lip (officially called rabbet), which holds the art, glass, mats and backing and the art is mounted through the back of the frame. Conversely floater frames are different in that they don’t have this lip and rather than mounting the art from the back, with floater frames, the Canvas is mounted through the front.

Floater frames are ideal for framing thick gallery wrapped Canvas art, because none of the art is obscured by the lip of a traditional picture frame. Another advantage is that in the end, the Canvas Art appears to float inside the frame, giving it a unique look once it’s up on the wall.

Back to project, the customer wanted to make sure nothing got obscured in his canvas, including the artist’s signature, which was very close to the bottom right edge, so naturally a floater frame made sense. We chose a thick profile black frame in order to match the dark star wars theme and it turned out really nice in the end.

Here’s the video we recorded showing the difference between floater and traditional frames, especially around the artist’s signature and we also show the various types of floater frames we carry in our store.

In closing, here are a couple of photos of the customer picking up the custom framed art. He was extremely happy with how both Canvas pieces turned out!

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