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Framing a Signed Kobe Bryant Lakers Jersey

Framing a Signed Kobe Bryant Lakers Jersey

Framing a Signed Kobe Bryant Lakers Jersey

Los Angeles Lakers Official Mat Colors

For his birthday, one of our customers got a signed Kobe Bryant Lakers Jersey and selected us to custom frame it. He came to our store and after discussing the details and quality of the materials we would use, we settled on using the official mat colors of the Los Angeles Lakers for the mats, namely yellow and purple. For the top mat, he selected a purple suede mat in order to make the whole presentation stand out. The signed jersey was to be mounted on an acid-free white background. As for the glazing, he opted for our best glass, namely our museum glass, which not only protects the jerseys against UV lights and also fading, but it’s also extremely clear and with virtually no reflection.  Here you can see just how nice the mat colors and the glass look around the jersey.

Framed Kobe Bryant Jersey

Official Los Angeles Lakers Colors: Purple Suede and yellow, mounted on white and finished with museum glass.

Including a Large Lakers’ Logo Patch

After he left our store, he told us he had found a large logo patch online, and wanted us to include at the bottom the frame with a custom mat design that would outline the shape of the patch. We asked him to bring it in and we started working on the design. In order to include it in the design, we scanned it and brought it into Adobe Illustrator, which is the product of our choice for all of our jersey custom design. Once in Illustrator, we created an exact path that would follow the contour of the patch, as illustrated below. Here you can see how the finished logo patch looks at the bottom of the frame:

Kobe Brant Framed Jersey with Large Patch

Including a Large Lakers’ Logo Patch

All in all, it took us about 2 weeks to finish this jersey and we are very pleased with how it turned out. We called the customer and he was very excited to see how his jersey turned out. We always do a little unveiling when the customer arrives at our store and voila he came in and loved it. Here you can see the final product:

Framing a Signed Kobe Bryant Jersey

Our Customer picking up his signed Kobe Bryant Lakers Jersey


Final Thoughts from the Customer

The most rewarding part of our craft, is when we do the unveiling and the customer sees his artwork for the first time, the customer’s expression makes everything worth it and the whole experience is motivating to us as we move on to the next project.

Here’s what this customer said on Yelp:

“I came here to get my Kobe Bryant signed jersey a fully customized frame, and I met with RJ (and his wife) to discuss the details. During the consultation, RJ was very helpful and patient; he offered me a variety of options and ideas for my frame without being pushy on certain items. After ironing out the details, I drove back home and had a change of heart. I emailed RJ on his day off asking for his advice and he quickly responded to my email and happily agreed to my change. Finally, when I came to pick up the frame, I was shocked–it looked AMAZING! It could not have turned out any better. RJ is great at his craft and really enjoys it (which means he makes great products). All in all, I recommend Jacquez Art & Custom Picture Framing to everyone. RJ’s customer service and work product are among the best.”

Watch the Video: Framing a Signed Kobe Bryant Lakers Jersey

Whenever possible, we turn the camera on and record the process of how we go about custom framing jerseys. If you have time, you can watch how we did the signed Kobe Bryant Jersey below:

Please let us know your thoughts on how this jersey turned out and if you are interested in having us frame your jerseys in a similar way, please send us an email at or call us at 619-651-8295. Thank you!

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