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Professional Sports Jersey Framing and Memorabilia Custom Framing

Jersey Framing by Jacquez Art & Custom Framing

Jacquez Art & Custom Framing is the Premier Jersey Framing Shop in the Country with Care and Attention to Detail for Sports Jerseys and Memorabilia

We specialize in Jersey Framing Services, we can frame any sport, including Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer and Hockey. Our Framed Jerseys are the best looking and most unique in the industry and our framing style is one-of-a-kind and does not follow a cookie-cutter method.  Every Jersey we frame is unique and is designed with care and attention to detail.

For a durable custom framing of sports memorabilia, it is imperative to have precise and skillful mounting techniques. Especially, the mounting of the jersey should be done with great care making use of specially designed and non-destructive materials for mounting, that will not just secure the jersey to the backing mat in the frame, but will also make sure that it does not get damaged in any way.

We have been providing professionally customized NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL jersey framing for the past 10 years with extremely satisfied customers who keep coming back to us time and time again. It gives us tremendous satisfaction that we have been able to deliver such premium quality of custom framing at the most competitive prices.

We at Jacquez Art, utilize the highest-grade framing materials for all our custom jersey frames, including archival backing, acid-free mat boards and UV-protective glass or plexiglass.

Every Team in Every Sport: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, All College teams and More

If you are a proud owner of a special treasured signed jersey or a valuable piece of sports memorabilia that you would want to be framed, get in touch with us so that we can help you frame it up and display it proudly in your home, office or man cave. You can trust us to do the best possible jersey framing service for you and we are confident that you will be most satisfied and happy with the result.

We will work with you to get you the exact customization as per your requirements at the best possible rates. We do all our custom framing of jerseys and other products in-house and do not outsource it to third party vendors. This allows us to keep strict tabs on the quality of work provided.

Come in or Send Us your Jersey and we will Frame it and Ship it back

Whether you are here in the San Diego area and would like to come into our shop; or live in another State and would like to send us your jersey, we can work with you in person or virtually to make sure you get the exact custom jersey framing design that you need.


Because our work is custom and unique to each project, we need to learn as much as possible about your project and what else you would like to include in the frame, along with your jersey, in order to provide you accurate pricing.  As you will see below, some of our jerseys include team patches and a photo of a player or a large patch at the bottom of the frame, while others include graded cards and a photo, or a signed magazine. Your vision may also require us to include a signed bat or baseball and thus the custom work varies with each project. Another important variable is whether you would like us to use suede mats vs. paper-based mats and our museum glass vs. our standard glass. Please send us an email and tell us as much as possible about your jersey, sport, player, etc., as well as the patches and photos you would like to include, bats, baseballs, etc. In fact, if you can email us photos of your jersey, patches, plaque and anything else you would like to include, that would be ideal. Please click the button below to send us an email:

Check out our work and Read what our customers say about each of our Jersey Framing Project

Framing a game-worn signed Jersey with Photos and a Plaque

Game-worn jersey signed and custom framed with photos and a plaque – This is one of my favorite framed jerseys that we have done recently. I really like the custom design around the jersey and the way the photos are laid out around the bottom of the jersey. We used suede matting and museum glass and the customer absolutely loved it. To us, game-worn jerseys are special and have so much framing potential! The customer absolutely loved it!

Framing a Signed Globetrotters Jersey for our First Customer outside of the US, in Switzerland

Framing a Signed Globetrotters Jersey for a customer in Switzerland – This is our very first Jersey Framing project that we have done for a customer outside of the US. This lady found our work while searching online and on YouTube. She said she saw our work on our YouTube channel and knew she wanted us to frame this special jersey for her son. We couldn’t be more grateful and proud to have done this and both her and her loved it.  We wanted to create something special for her son and so we found 5 pretty cool patches of the Harlem Globetrotters and we have a fun way to implement them. We also did a special plaque for him to make the event memorable and we were able to incorporate a little bit of our unique basketball matting at the bottom. Finally, because of the long trip back home, we used our optimum museum acrylic, which does not shatter or scratch. The whole process was awesome and we look forward to working with more customers in Europe and the rest of the world.

Here’s an Unboxing Video of the young man seeing his Jersey for the first time. Priceless!

Framing a Signed Derek Carr Raiders Salute to Service Jersey with 6 Cards and a Photo

Derek Carr Signed Raiders Jersey Salute to Service with 6 Cards and a Photo – This is an amazing “Salute to Service” jersey, that was a honor to custom frame. We chose the Raiders’ colors for the matting and backing and because of the gold accents throughout the jersey, we used a similar matting as the backing of the 6 cards. It turned out amazing and our customer (posing next to it here) loved it!

Framing a signed Ryan Tannehill Miami Dolphins Jersey with 4 Cards and a Photo

Signed Ryan Tannehill Jersey Custom Framed with 4 signed Cards, a photo, suede matting and museum glass – This was an amazing project that we worked on for one of our awesome customers. Everything we received from the customer was in pristine condition and naturally he wanted us to use our very best materials, including our suede matting, our football matting behind each card, and our museum glass for absolute clarity. We also added an orange accent around the top of the jersey and on the left and right of the signed photo. We folded the sleeves in a specific way in order to display the Dolphins patches and mounted the jersey on our silver star backing in order to make the jersey stand out. The whole thing turned out amazing and here’s what the customer had to say about it:

I think that it is absolutely perfect! You have gone above and beyond and have exceeded all of my expectations. I couldn’t have imagined it being any better. I love what you did with the orange accents arounds the jersey and photo. I am so incredibly happy I chose you to do this project for me. I can’t wait to proudly display it and share it with all of my friends and Dolfans. Picture Perfect my friend, your work is untouchable!! Really made it personal, and that is priceless. I hope to get another one signed soon!
Jason M.
September 04, 2017

Incorporating a Football Field into a Game-worn Football Jersey

Football Jersey Framing Project with a Football Field Design – We absolutely love raising the bar of Jersey Framing Design. Our friend Britt Davis, former wide receiver for the Denver Broncos, came to us with one of his game-worn jerseys for us to design something unique for him and here’s what we came up with. In thinking about how to build something unique around this jersey that clearly saw action on the field, eventually the idea of incorporating a football field came to us. The challenge was designing various pieces of suede matting individually and then putting it all together for a final cut of the v-groove white lines around the field, in order to make it appear as if it were a single piece. We are extremely happy with the way everything turned out. Here’s a short video of the final cut:

Framing a signed Matt Hasselbeck Seattle Seahawks Jersey with 6 Graded Cards and a Photo

Matt Hasselbeck Seattle Seahawks Jersey Framing

This is one of the most labor-intensive jerseys we’ve ever done, because of the inclusion of 6 graded cards, but in the end, it was completely worth it.  The customer lives in Seattle and found us online and sent us the signed jersey, 6 graded cards and a signed photo of Matt Hasselbeck and left the entire design up to us. Here’s what he said when he watched the unveiling video we sent him:

I just got done watching the video and it looks absolutely stunning I can't wait to see it in person. Like I've told you before I have several jerseys that have been framed but the way you framed it looks awesome.I am definitely going to do a lot more business with you thanks so much.

Shaun F.
May 30, 2017


Jerry Rice Stat Jersey Custom Framed with Pins, Card and Photo

This is our latest work, an amazing Jerry Rice Custom Framed Stat Jersey, along with two 49ers pins, a card and a signed Jerry Rice photo. Most of our jerseys end up at around 32″ x 40″ however because of the long list of stats, we ended up with an oversized frame and we think it looks terrific. We don’t often use three mats, however this design called for a white mat in the middle in order to add a little bit of light to the whole design. Overall we are extremely happy with the project.

Custom Red Sox Jersey Framing for McKesson Corporation

We were tasked to put together a custom Red Sox framed Jersey for a McKesson Corporation Board Member who was retiring after 14 years of service and we were given a very tight deadline to work with. The customer shipped us the jersey and two Red Sox patches and the text for us to also include a metal plaque. The customer had seen our work online and gave us free rein and this is what we came up with. The customer loved the finished product and here’s what she said:

So many great things to say. ..where to begin! I reached out to RJ in a panic as I was tasked to put together a gift for one of our Board Members that was retiring after nearly 14 years of service (no pressure right?!). I was given a tight turnaround, which didn't phase RJ at all, as he assured me that it would get done in time, in fact shipped it to me days before I expected. I had a loose idea of what I wanted, but really left it to RJ and his team to help me through it. Immediately he provided me great suggestions on where to purchase the accents he needed to complete the project. We were in constant contact and he kept me informed every step of the way. The amount of patience he had to meet each and every one of our specific requests was something I have not experienced in a long time! It's clear that RJ and his team are passionate about what they do, and it shows in his work! Our Board Member loved it! He recognized the thought that went into every detail! Again, thank you RJ and team for allowing us to present such a memorable gift!
Marella C.
McKesson Corporation
July 31, 2017

A very clean signed Kobe Bryant jersey with Kobe’s Logo cutout and the farewell letter Kobe wrote to his fans

The goal with framing this signed Kobe Bryant Jersey with the retirement letter Kobe wrote to his fans, was to keep it clean and classy. The Jersey is suspended in the middle with a slight oval shape at the bottom where it folds. We designed and cut out Kobe’s logo left and right with a gold background, that matches exactly the gold print in the letter. The letter is fully exposed and floated at the bottom and the backing is our black suede. Finally the glass is our best glass, museum glass, for absolutely no glare. A bit different from what we are used to but nevertheless it looks amazing. Here’s what our customer said on Instagram:

Finally got my autographed Kobe jersey framed with Kobe's letter to the fans at the bottom. So stoked on how it came out!! Thank you @jacquezart for nailing this!
Nabil N.
June 10, 2017


A Special Jersey Framing project for Britt Davis, former NFL Wide Receiver for the Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos NFL Wide REeceiver, Britt Davis Jersey

We had the honor of Custom Framing this Jersey for Britt Davis, former NFL wide receiver for the Denver Broncos. He brought us a couple of Denver Broncos patches and a photo and he absolutely loved the way everything turned out. Here’s what he said about his experience with us on our Yelp page:

The process with RJ was exceptional from start to finish. His craftsmanship is one of a kind and his customer service is second to none. He communicated at every step of the process and made sure to get my feedback at all stages. His experience with design and custom projects allows him to even offer suggestions resulting in the perfect final piece. They genuinely care about the acceptance and approval from the customer because they are passionate about their work. He's by far the best custom Framer I've ever worked with and so much so that I look forward to many more projects with RJ and his wife.
Britt Davis
May 02, 2017

Signed Tom Brady Jersey Custom Framed with two Patriots Patches and a Photo

This awesome Dad had us custom frame this blue Tom Brady signed Jersey for his son’s 18th birthday. He brought us two New England Patriots (top left / right) and a photo of Tom Brady. We settled on using the official Patriots’ colors, silver for the backing and red suede with a white accent for the top mats and museum glass to remove any glare. They both loved it and here’s the review he wrote about his experience with us:

I had an autographed Tom Brady Jersey matted and framed for my son's 18 birthday by Jacquez Art & Custom Framing. They did and incredible job of walking us through layouts and matting options. I considered sending the jersey off to one of those cookie cutter online framing stores, but the service and creativity they brought to the table were well worth the price. We have something original and of extremely great quality that will last my son a lifetime.
Jack A.
April 21, 2017

Signed Kobe Bryant NBA Lakers Jersey Custom Framed with Large Lakers Patch

For his birthday, this customer got a signed Kobe Bryant Lakers Jersey and selected us to custom frame it. He came to our store and after discussing the details and quality of the materials we would use, we settled on using the official mat colors of the Los Angeles Lakers for the mats, namely yellow and purple. For the top mat, he selected a purple suede mat in order to make the whole presentation stand out. The signed jersey was to be mounted on an acid-free white background. As for the glazing, he opted for our best glass, namely our museum glass, which not only protects the jerseys against UV lights and also fading, but it’s also extremely clear and with virtually no reflection. Here you can see just how nice the mat colors and the glass look around the jersey. Below is what this customer said about his experience with us on Yelp:

I came here to get my Kobe Bryant signed jersey a fully customized frame.  During the consultation, RJ was very helpful and patient; he offered me a variety of options and ideas for my frame without being pushy on certain items.  After ironing out the details, I drove back home and had a change of...
Peter C.
July 28, 2016

Michael Jordan Jersey with a signed Magazine

Michael Jordan Jersey Framed with Magazine – A customer in Pittsburgh found our jersey framing work online and shipped us this awesome Michael Jordan Jersey, along with a signed magazine for us to custom frame. We created a custom red suede mat design to outline and highlight the jersey’s silhouette and then we creatively mounted the magazine so that the pages floated inside the special opening. Here’s what the customer said about it when he received it:

Great communication!! I felt as if it was his jersey, he put so much effort and detail into it. Very satisfied with the results. Keep up the good work!
Ammar A.
May 03, 2017

Custom Framing a Signed Ryne Sandberg Chicago Cubs Jersey with Two Cubs Patches, A Photo and a Custom Plaque. The customer shipped everything to us from Chicago and shipped back the finished framed jersey.

Ryne Sandberg Cubs Signed Jersey Framed by Jacquez Art

Ryne Sandberg signed Jersey Custom Framed using the official MLB Chicago Cubs mat colors. The finished frame includes two logo patches, a photo and a custom plaque, plus black frame and UV-protected glass. The customer shipped everything to us from Chicago and shipped back the finished framed jersey.

Great job! Lots of attention to detail. Very happy with how much detail was placed on my Jersey. Excellent customer service!
Tony S.
April 06, 2017


Custom Framing a Limited Edition Major League Baseball Tony Gwynn Pennant in a Triangular Frame

Framing a Baseball Tony Gwynn Pennant

Framing a Limited Edition Major League Baseball Tony Gwynn Pennant in a Triangular Frame

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Framing a signed NBA Basketball Jersey and MLB Baseball Jersey, with Photos and Team logos

Framing a signed NBA Basketball Jersey, with Photos and Team logos

Darryl Strawberry and Allan Iverson Signed Jerseys with Photos and Team logos.

Custom Framing a Larry Bird Celtics Jersey with signed mats by the team and Plaque

Boston Celtics Larry Bird Jersey Custom Framed -

Boston Celtics Larry Bird Jersey Custom Framed – Here’s our latest custom framed sports jersey we just finished for this Army officer. This Jersey will be presented to a team member and is signed on the mat by the entire team. We also did a ‘thank you for your service’ plaque, which is mounted right above everyone’s signatures. For the matting, we used the official green and white Celtic’s colors, as well as a custom design that follows the jersey’s contour. The customer loved it and we hope the recipient did, too.

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Custom Framing a team signed Rugby Jersey as a present to an Intern

Signed Rugby Jersey

A Rugby jersey signed by the entire team custom framed and given to an intern as a present. The jersey is mounted on a black mat with a picture opening and framed using a dark brown frame. The customer loved it and we have no doubt the intern did too.

A Los Angeles Clippers Chris Paul signed jersey and team photo

Meet our youngest custom framing customer. A Los Angeles’ Clippers Chris Paul signed jersey and team photo custom framed using a blue mat, glass and a deep dark brown shadowbox frame. The little guy was thrilled with it and now hangs in his room.

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